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Euphoria Wedding Designs

"Allow your Passion to become your purpose, and it will one day become your Profession"- anonymous

Bloomed from passion, and the desire to make beautiful events come to life derived from the beginning of her days when Le Anne got involved with a few parties of her own. She knew how to bring a party to life and had the right ingredients to curate well organized and fun parties of her own. From there she took it to the next level with adding touches of decor to jazz up any event from ordinary to extraordinary. Always a people pleaser; Le Anne strived on winning people's hearts with making her events extra special with her unique eye for design.

Le Anne Nguyen, owner and creative director of Euphoria Wedding Designs began her journey into wedding and events decor in early 2014. She has extensive business and interpersonal skills from being surrounded in the arts and film industry that her family business operated. Le Anne was immersed in the culture from the time of her early adolescent years and got first hand business experience at an early age. Later on in her career she worked in various sales and management positions at the Toronto Dominion Bank for more than 10 years. Having a strong background in interpersonal and customer service skills, she has built that into the foundation of her business. Always making sure that customers are happy and turning any obstacle into a positive experience. Her growing desire to transforming empty canvas space into any event possible allowed her to flourish in her business. With her keen eye on style, colour and design, Le Anne transfers her creativity into the celebrations of many lives. A little about her current personal life, Le Anne is busy making plans with her little girl, Fiona alongside with her partner, Ken in Whitby. They enjoy dining, craft night, and movie nights together. They continue to host parties of their own and enjoy attending parties of their friends and beloved clients.

Euphoria Wedding Designs is made up of a team that truly care for the client's events as if it is their own. From the team of floral designers who picks out the freshest flowers from it's petal, to the design crew who irons out every detail on the day of. With being in business for less than three years, Le Anne and her team have won the hearts of many clients and they continue to refer her to their friends and family. They strive to see their clients are happy and hope that their clients return for more event's decorating from them, because there is so much to celebrate about life.

Le Anne Nguyen

Accredited Event Designer

The Euphoria Promise

• Full commitment to work with you to plan, execute and deliver.
• Unparalleled customer service to ensure you are happy throughout your experience with EWD.
• Extremely detail oriented to ensure all details are perfected.
• On-going communication with the client, line of communication is open 24 hours.
• Team gets on-going training and education on wedding and events trend to stay up-to-date.
• Stress free environment.
• Site visit with you to the chosen venue/ event space.
• With notice, you are welcome to visit us at my showroom any time.
• Able to provide mock up of your actual wedding (small scale version of backdrop, head table, and center pieces).
• Complimentary colour and design consultation with a event stylist.
• We can help you get connected to the wedding/ event industry, to help you save time and money.

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