Because there is so much to celebrate about life - If there's a party, we are there.
We do birthdays, bachelorette/ engagement parties, corporate, year-end holiday parties, proms, social and non- profit events.


A backdrop will help to create a focal point for your reception. It sets the space apart from the rest of the room. We curate a backdrop that calls your name and draws eyes to the couple of the night.


We can customize floral centerpieces and bouquets to go with your wedding color or theme. Flowers can brighten up any room. Our bouquets are hand picked for the freshest and highest quality floral grade to be by your side throughout your big day. Every bouquet we've created is unique and special for you.

Room Up Lighting

Adding a warm ambiance to the room. Transitions the room from informal to a formal affair.

Table Linen

Add texture and depth to the room with our selection of table linens.

Table Decor

The little details that matter; from the flickering gold votive, to the rich textured napkin, and the vibrant floral arrangement. Cascading over the table edge, we leave no detail behind to design the wedding you envisioned.

Ceremony Decor

A sacred place where two individuals come together, in matrimony and in the name of love. Decoration in a ceremonial setting is timeless, soft and elegant. We can make that happen.

Decor Rental

We have a growing selection of decor rentals that you may want to rent. From couple's throne chairs, pedestals, charger plates, candleholders, aisle runners, and more. You are welcome to visit us.

Colour/ Design Consultation

Our specialty is to create happiness one event at a time. We do so by having that one-on-one relationship with you and to draw out and execute on your visions. We help couples coordinate colour, theme, and spatial room arrangement to tie everything in a wedding or event come together.


Frequently Asked Questions

The deposit is placed once an agreement is made between the client and EWD. It is held for damage security and is returned after the wedding/ event, once everything is returned in same condition as it was given.

Only within the duration of the agreement. In most cases, it is 30 days minus $25 administrative fees.

You will receive two invoices - one for your first half of the payment and one for your final payment (due two weeks before the wedding/ event).

Yes, you may make changes, but you cannot cancel any services/ products that exceeds 20% of the initial quote.

The sooner you can confirm, the better. Certain products require 2 to 3 months ahead of booking to secure it. While other items require 2 weeks ahead. Please be mindful and let us know as soon as you can.

Yes, we do provide mock ups at a cost.

Given that the event is outdoor, we always have a plan b set up in our agreement. We will make necessary changes if and when the weather prohibits an outdoor event. We will also consult with you over the phone, as well 2 days prior to the wedding / event.

We do! We come right after the wedding/ event to start taking everything down. Once you give us a call, we will make our way over.

No show appointment charge, delay in turn over from ceremony to reception, wait time to tear down, and extra tasks unassigned to us on the day of the wedding/ event.

Yes, we absolutely can if you require us too. It is complimentary and beneficial for us and you to make measurements and suggestions on how the room should be presented. We come out once.

We have the pleasure of meeting you on our initial consultation. Followed by a site visit or an arranged meeting place, and a final meet the month of the event to go over every detail, to confirm final numbers etc.